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June 2018


Color Explosion


Eine interessante Erfahrung, mit Fluoreszenzfarben zu arbeiten …



Fluorescent colors are daylight colors - also called shock colors

or incorrectly neon colors. They are extremely bright.

These pigments are especially popular as signal colors

used for protective clothing.

But thery are available also as acrylic paints and my special experience with

this picture is that you can mix them with "normal" acrylic paints.

When mixing, they are slightly darker in luminosity, but the contrast to the

normal acrylic color you can see very good, if you use a fluorescent paint

unmixed in the picture.

In the photo of this picture, the color brilliance unfortunately does not show enough but you can think of the red area as very bright.




Making Of


Look a little bit over my shoulder,

what I'm working right now.


In a monthly series I show

some of my work and give you

a few Background information.












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