D    as  Dieter

LII  as 52 in Roman numerals-

           Born in 1952


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All my video clips can be found in my YouTube channel:

Speed Painting, portfolio-posts and projects.

Do not worry: they're all pretty short J

Simply click here on this text to start.


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Speed Painting

means an art movement in which the process of creating an art work is in the foreground - the art work itself is less important.



is a term for a collection of several art works of an artist or to a topic, a style, etc.



I show a topic from the concept phase through to completion.

Well, sometimes at the very beginning I forget starting the video camera J

Sometimes I use time lapse to shorten the video length.


In these video clips

you can see how I

performed a work process

or how an idea

has been implemented.


The video clips are

embedded in YouTube.


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