D    as  Dieter

LII  as 52 in Roman numerals-

           Born in 1952


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With several professors I went through an intense training.

Unfortunately, no one of them had any idea of art - well, I had

chosen to study Industrial Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe.


So my artistic creativity was never promoted and I was free learning

this genre alone.

Great experimental joy with different techniques are my intension to paint

and I am not fixed on a particular style.


I participated in several regional art exhibitions and

some of my artworks you can see on different Online platforms.

Some artworks are in private collections in Europe, USA and Canada.


Since 2005 I'm working under the pseudonym DLII ['deili].

How do I get just to DLII?

D    as Dieter,

LII as 52 in Roman numerals (my birth year) - that's the word,

the English pronounced "daily" is the statement:

Daily Hues or splashes of color are my ideas placed on canvas.


In 2010 I combined my work with fiction (Belletristik) and

my first work as a book author is a humorous tale of office

stories, garnished with my own images.

Later, in collaboration with my wife, I wrote an experience report

about the artistic care of seniors and in times of pandemics

I encouraged those interested in painting with the video series

Komm wir malen … (Come on, let's paint ...) and

Malen ganz einfach … (simply painting ...).


In 2013 I began to present my work in Video Clips which give

insight into creative work processes or in different projects.

Since this time you can look over my shoulder when painting -

monthly I show in section Making Of ("Behind the Scenes"), how

I'm working.

These contributions I have compiled and published in a book

with the same title Making Of in the year 2015.

In 2018 I published a Tutorial about painting as a

five-part video sequence


In 2020 I have chosen the combination of painting, video

and image description for my new philosophy.

So, the Making Of visible in the video also belongs to the

painted image just like the information about technology

and my thoughts on this picture are together a unit.


My membership in the Art Association Badischer Kunstverein

Karlsruhe accompanie my artistic activities.



I hope you enjoy visiting my website and of my Video Channel


            Dieter Becker alias DLII


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