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In addition to my book "Making Of - Blick über die Schulter eines Malers" (Making Of - View over the shoulder of a painter) I did a project

for setting an Audiobook into my YouTube channel.


As a non-fiction book it is an illustrated audio book with video images

and video sequences in German language.

You can hear the text and look at the pictures if you are interested

and you have time to do so.


The text content is divided into four short videos.

After a brief introduction I treat my work on the subjects

Abstract painting and People in the first part.

The second part shows how I paint without colors, without brushes

and without a canvas.

In the third part you can see various landscapes, cars and animals.

Finally, I will show in the fourth part how I have painted reproductions

of old masters and I show how I made the videos.


I'm so sorry but the book is written in German language

and so the audiobook videos can be heard only in German language.







These videos are free and if you want to support me,

please subscribe to my YouTube channel







Making Of


in YouTube channel







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