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LII  as 52 in Roman numerals-

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Wall Painting


Senior Day Care Center „Knoepflestadt“

Care Service Certus


It is not only the painting onto a garage wall, but also a picture, which

from the dining room of the senior day care center "Knöpflestadt"

is visible and should please the eye.

In the immediate vicinity of the garage wall is a small outdoor enclosure

with rabbits and guinea pigs.

That's why I chose scenes with animals as a motif.

Here is a first draft:



For cows I have then decided - a second cow should be painted so

that one alone is not so lonely.


I had saved a big carton box from being disposed of and on it

I have the sketches of the cows first with pencil and then

with thick felt-tip pen drawn as big as she should be painted

in the original on the wall.

The box should serve me as a stencil and so I cut the lines out

with a sharp knife.



The split cardboard - for each cow a half - I leaned against the wall and

with a spray can the contours were "painted".



Then the painting began with facade tinting paints




And here the result:




I then made a little video for that.

Have fun watching.










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