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LII  as 52 in Roman numerals-

           Born in 1952


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February 2018


Children in our World


from every continent I have painted a child on  Pastel Card 80 x 60 cm


  Ekevu – Afrika


 Daku Tjuringa – Australien


 Bemina Chang - Asien


 Amina – Amerika


 Yomina - Europa


Yes, of course I have worked a bit with our head clichés and

an Indian girl, also an Australian Aboriginal boy and

a European kid with blond hair - why not ...

All children have one thing in common: they are our future.


As you surely know, pastel paintings are very sensitive because

they consist almost exclusively of pure pigment and because of the loss

of their color brilliance they can hardly be protected with a varrnish.

So they need a passepartout and become presented in a glass frame.



Making Of


Look a little bit over my shoulder,

what I'm working right now.


In a monthly series I show

some of my work and give you

a few Background information.




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